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Customer Stories


Simon - International Student

Simon Pareskevi decided to study in England for one semester, he was concerned about having the right essentials when he arrived in England - he couldn't take items such as a duvet or plates and saucepans, Simon ordered a Unpacked student package to be delivered on the date he arrived, we helped Simon to arrange delivery, ensuring it went to the correct address. ‘Unpacked took the pressure off of me when it came to having the items I needed to stay in the UK for 3 months'


Colleen - Concerned Mum!

Colleen was helping her son Harry get ready for University when she Unpacked student packages. She arranged for the package to be sent directly to the halls the day before Harry arrived - one less thing to worry about.

'Really happy with the service offered! I had been looking to buy my bits for uni from Asda/ Tesco but when I priced it up in comparison and quality to these packs it was a no brainier .The stuff is great quality and not cheap nasty plastic that I've seen offered elsewhere. I think it's fab you can choose the delivery day and time and it arrived when expected - thank you so much!'


Louise - London based student studying in Cardiff

'Because I had to get the train to Cardiff I had to travel light, I didn't fancy buying all of the items I needed once I got there because firstly I wasn't really sure what items I needed and I also didn't have a car to transport them. I was recommended Unpacked student packs from a family friend and I have to say they made the move much easier for me.'

We Make Moving To University Easy

Moving to a new city can be tough. Moving to a new city to study can be daunting! Getting into a University outside of your home town means you will be starting a new life. It can be hard work to bring everything from your house or even purchase new items you need, especially as the costs mount. Introducing to you our student essential kits that will make life easy for you. Everything a student needs is included in our starter packs. Our student starter sets will be a blessing, making settling down effortless and quick! One less thing to worry about.

Our mission is to take the stress and hassle away from students & parents preparing for the first year of University. With our help, you will have one less thing to worry about when starting your new journey. Our quality student starter packs, bespoke and reliable delivery service and dedicated customer service team make this possible for thousands of students across the UK. Our student kitchen, bedding packages and student essential kits are the highest quality in the UK. You can rest assured that you will be given quality products and unbeatable personal concierge service!

Everything from our bouncy pillows, stylish duvet sets, all in one student starter pack and induction pans that work on any University cooker all contribute to a quality service that gives you more time for the important things – meeting new people, getting to grips with your course and exploring the new city you live in. We deliver to all the Universities/ cities across the UK. You can also choose to get your student starter set straight to your student halls the day you arrive.

If you have any questions at all about your student starter kit please contact us today, we are here to help. 


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